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‘One Team One Dream’: A Local Texas High School in the Spotlight

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“One Team One Dream” is a documentary gearing up to take the film world by storm as it shares the journey of an inner city basketball team, the Milby Buffs, and their road to the school’s first championship game since 1950.

Film director and former Milby Buff, Kevin Quinney, shares the heartwarming story that begins with their legendary coach Boyce Honea, the most winningest coach in the Houston Independent School Districts history who according to the film’s website, racked an impressive 739-258 record in his career.

“The story of the Milby Buffaloes begins with Boyce Honea, but it ends with sheer champions in 2004. This story is personal to me because it is a part of my life that I will continue to relive with my fellow teammates and coaches. This is a ‘thank you’ to those players that came before me and to one of the greatest coaches that never got to achieve the ultimate victory,” shares Quinney.

Set to start filming in March of 2017, the documentary from Quinney’s company iMagine That Filmworks ( iTF) has already garnered much attention through the local media in Houston on ABC 13 KTRK, CBS KHOU 11, and Channel 57 The Kube.

The documentary takes you through Coach Honea’s journey with Milby’s basketball teams from 1973-2003 and documents the journey of the 2004 basketball team led by his successor Coach Duffer and their determination and comradery that led to a 39-0 season and the school’s first state championship since 1950.

“Honea built Milby into the basketball powerhouse that was well respected and expected to win. Not only devoted to basketball, Honea was a beloved member of the community and a devout Christian being the leader of Fellow Christian Athletes organization,” states the film’s website. “It’s paying homage to the great athletes in Milby’s history, Coach Honea and his successor, Coach Duffer, with an undefeated championship season.”

“One Team One Dream” is seeking to fund via private donors and through IndieGoGo.com to bring this film to the forefront and share its true story of the hardships, obstacles, teamwork, and leadership it took to not only come out on top as victors but showcase the exemplary school it is, full of long-standing traditions and a gem of its community.

Here’s a fun fact to share about the school: A famous athlete to have come out of Milby that many may know is Donald Driver, former wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers and season 14 Dancing with the Stars champion.