Oreo Flavored Candy Canes Just in Time for the Holidays

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Just in time for the holiday’s Oreo Flavored Candy Canes are here! Now there’s a twist for candy cane lovers that combines the love of Oreo cookies with the traditional holiday treat.

There’s even candy cane flavored Oreo’s for those wanting to try the opposite of this alternative. The black and white candy cane treat was released as a collaboration between Spangler and Oreo according to an article by Fox 26.

You can nab a 12 count package of the cookies and creme flavored candy cane through the Spangler website for $24 or also at your local Walmart and online websites such as Amazon.

So go ahead hang them on the tree and place them in the stockings for a different take on a traditional favorite. Although the original Christmas candy cane originated in Germany more than two centuries ago, legend has it that around 1920, a guy by the name of Bob McCormack started making candy shaped like canes in his home state of Georgia, here in the U.S. He gave them to friends and family, but as time went on, they became considerably more popular. So, he started his own business and called it Bob’s Candies. His brother-in-law, Gregory Harding Keller (who was also a Catholic priest), invented what was known as the “Keller Machine,” which automated the process of turning straight candy sticks into canes with a curve! Bob’s Candies was purchased by Farley and Sathers in 2005, but they’re still known for making these original Christmas sweets!

Coming from many different companies now, in all sorts of unique flavors, these Oreo Flavored Candy Canes are a welcomed addition to the holiday selection. Reactions on social media are mixed, as many shared that they don’t necessarily taste like Oreo’s, but don’t let that sway you and try them for yourself. It may just start a new trend in your household for the holiday season.

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