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Owner of Round Rock Burrito Shop Closing to Find Cure for Son’s Rare Disease

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Beloved Round Rock burrito shop, Chino’s Burrito, is closing as owner Wei Zheng will focus solely on finding treatment for son’s rare disease.

Zheng’s five-year-old son Michael was diagnosed with Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease early in his life. As Fox 7 reported, the disease affects a person’s ability to move as their body is “missing a cell that creates a coating on the nerve system, without the coating it doesn’t create the muscle and strength on his body.”

The beloved Round Rock burrito shop was a lifelong dream of Wei Zheng’s to open, but now his sole focus is his son’s life. Doctors at Duke University called the Zheng family to let them know that there may be a possible treatment that could prolong his life, but is not a cure. As Zheng told Fox 7, “I’ve been taking risks since forever, when we knew he had the disease,” and he plans on risking it all once again to have as many years with his son as much as possible.

This family is certainly in need of your prayers, as they will be traveling to North Carolina to receive the treatment. Zheng “has to close the business because of the financial burden, taking care of Michael, and having to leave town.”

While he is working on setting up a GoFundMe account, if you’re in Round Rock on Saturday, please consider stopping by Chino’s Burrito — it will be the last day the shop will be open for a long time.