Pair of Twins Graduate First and Second in Their High School Class

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For the first time in Locust Valley High School history, identical twins will graduate as valedictorian and salutatorian. Matthew and Nicholas Rizzo are thrilled to achieve such a major goal together. CBS New York writes, “Although Nick edged out Matt, their academic competition has been a yearly back and forth battle inside their high school’s classrooms.” But that doesn’t mean that these twins are fiercely competitive.

The pair have shown they build each other up and encourage the other’s interests. Nicholas takes to physics while Matthew loves history. NBC New York says that the two have many of the same friends, and “both teens enjoy online strategy games and bowling when they’re not hitting the books. They also co-captain the cross country team.”

The pair are so tight that they’re thinking about giving their speech together on graduation day. “We are considering a combined speech. It increases the effect because he’ll say one thing, and I will pick up the sentence, because we are so in tune with each other,” Matt told CBS.

But the duo might be spending some time apart soon. They’re considering two different colleges, but of course, they plan on supporting each other through it all.