Your Palms Will Sweat Watching This Man Walk Between 2 Cranes

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Daredevil climber James Kingston recently traveled to Dubai where he filmed several videos for his YouTube channel showing him climbing to ridiculous heights on unfinished buildings and cranes without any equipment other than his GoPro. Kingston has 413,552 subscribers who love to see his insane stunts that he pulls off with little worry.

In the video titled, “THE CRAZIEST THING I’VE EVER DONE!!” Kingston manages to tightrope his way between two cranes on top of a skyscraper on a small beam about 16.5 minutes into the video. He seems more concerned about the rust on the beam than the crazy height!

Kingston also recently published a video titled “THIS FREAKED ME OUT.” While filming he explains that it seems like videos featuring jumps over little gaps next to big drops go viral and really “freaks people out,” but Kingston says it’s “easy stuff.” Moments later he shows, very calmly, what does scare him – putting his trust into industrial equipment that looks like it isn’t so sturdy.

In another video uploaded from his trip, Kingston takes the time to explain what kind of shoes he likes to climb in while casually walking between construction equipment on skinny beams at a dizzying height. He even removes one of his shoes!