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T-Bone Takes a Cold Drink in Palo Duro Canyon State Park

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A video posted by the Palo Duro Canyon State Park Facebook page shows how a Texas Longhorn is dealing with the cold snap this state has found itself in. Not letting it keep him from getting a drink, this Panhandle powerhouse named T-Bone managed to get a drink from beneath a layer of ice using a little ingenuity.

The video and post from the park’s social media account are captioned: “Low temperatures over the last few days have frozen the water main at the park, meaning there is no water at any of the campsites, restrooms, or other facilities. Hopefully, the warm weather over the next day or two will have it flowing again. In the meantime, here’s T-Bone the Texas Longhorn dealing with the freeze in typical Longhorn fashion. Make sure your sound is on…”

The park is situated outside of Amarillo, up in the Panhandle, and temperatures in that area were anticipated to develop into a thaw on Wednesday, but until then, park rangers had been working to break up ice cover which forms over the tanks their animals are drinking from. “The hole he was drinking through was there because the worker you mentioned had busted it open. After he finished his drink, the hole was widened more. This ice has been busted 4 or 5 times a day since the weather got cold, and this is one of two stock tanks in their pasture. We love our boys very much, so no need to worry,” the park responded to a reader’s concern. Temperatures are presently forecasted to move up to the mid-50s mid-week.