Paranormal Photo Taken in the Woods Goes Viral With People Wanting Answers

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Tony Maples Photography


The photo itself doesn’t seem very spooky. Motion-sensitive trail cameras notoriously take blurry and otherworldly looking photos, and there’s certainly nothing menacing about the little girl. Regardless, this possibly paranormal picture has many Cambridge, New York residents experiencing a chill down their spine.

KRTH reports that the photo was brought to the attention of police after the landowners found the picture on their nature camera. They say that the cam is deep in the woods on their property, and they have no idea why a little girl would be out there by herself.

ABC 13 writes that Greenwich Paranormal Research Team President Tania Woodward told ABC, “”We like to look at the actual footage from the actual camera it came from. There’s a lot of historical places and we do pick up a lot of stuff from that…Trail cams don’t take the best pictures, it’s tough.”

Of course, most people are crying foul on the whole ordeal, but others are perpetuating the picture to viral and urban legend status. Does the picture make you shudder with thoughts of the paranormal, or does it make you shake your head, thinking that it’s only a silly photo?