The Parish Goes Up on eBay: Owner Has Prior Auction Success

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Opening up in 2003 in what was formerly known as the Mercury (a concert space), the Parish on Sixth Street in Austin has been put up for auction on eBay. Beginning Friday, December 1, at noon, and lasting for a period of 10 days, the highest bidder on this eBay auction will take ownership of the Parish brand together with a 12-year lease and two five-year options. The space is a 5,300-square-foot second story, located at 214 E. Sixth Street, and owner, Doug Guller, said that he chose to sell the club on eBay as a result of the good experience he had when he auctioned off Schroeder Hall – a vintage Texas dance hall close to Victoria. He did so on the same site, back in April of this year, and it sold for $499,700.

Guller has had ownership of the club now for eight years, throughout which it’s been brought in business for ticketed roadshows. In an interview with The Austin Chronicle, he noted, “The Parish is such a gem that I think it could end up in the hands of a die-hard music fan whose lifelong dream has been to own a venue. Then they can pull their resources together and make their dream a reality.” Although, placing the venue up for auction runs the risk of it being sold to an individual who has no interest in its community value or musical history. “I don’t think that would happen,” he explained. Relying on his previous experience, he believes that the people who truly are a good match for the type of property up for sale will end up being the highest bidders, making the venue a great place from both a band and a fan’s viewpoint.