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Austin Woman Who Drove Off Parking Garage Ledge Tells Her Story

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Cedar Park resident Christi Bowmer is speaking out about her car accident where she plummeted down seven stories from a downtown parking garage. According to KXAN, Bowmer is still recovering from her injuries, but she wants to tell her side and thank those who helped her after her accident.

Bowmer says that she felt very disturbed when she saw that the Littlefield parking garage only had wire barriers at its ledge (as seen in the photo above). “I realized that hey — there’s no barrier, there’s just four wires here. My foot slipped off the brake,” she told the news. “And I just went straight through the wires and hit the wall on the other side and I hit a gas line on the way down and I went seven stories down and it was horrific.”

Video has been released of the accident which shows how terrifying the incident truly was. Bowmer hopes that the garage will be fixed to prevent any other cars from driving off the edge.

According to Consumer Reports, Bowmer was driving a 2014 BMW 428i hardtop convertible during the accident, and the vehicle’s safety features are probably what kept her from fatality. “The way she landed is really the extreme test of the frontal crash. It’s rare that you have a crash that’s dead-on front,” the director of operations at Consumer Reports Auto Test Center, Jennifer Stockburger, said. “This crash speaks to how robust vehicles are now, in terms of occupant protection.”