Parks in Texas Receive Grant to Become Better Pollinator Gardens

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The Brownsville Herald writes that the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation recently awarded multiple grants adding up to $3.3 million to go toward Monarch conservation in America. From these funds, $236,000 will go to the Tri-Regional Monarch Flyway Strategy, which, according to the Houston Wilderness website, includes the Gulf Houston Region, The South Texas Region, and The Texas Hill Country Region of Texas. This means that the state will get better pollinator gardens to keep monarchs healthy and happy.

“The eventual aim of the program is a contiguous monarch butterfly habitat along the entire Texas coastline and the critical upland regions included in the project. This program brings together multiple nonprofit, governmental and school-based organizations, including 7 National Wildlife Refuges, 15+ cities, 3 local government entities, 4 school districts and 22 non-profit organizations,” Houston Wilderness states.

In order to have better pollinator gardens, efforts will be focused on increasing milkweed (which is the exclusive snack of the monarch butterfly) and sources of nectar. The Brownsville Herald mentions that the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo school district will be involved in the program, and volunteers will definitely be needed. Hopefully, the end result will allow majestic monarch butterflies to flourish in our state which will only add to the beauty of Texas parks.