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A Message from the Director:

Consider the possibilities of working with us!

Texas Hill Country is seeking businesses and service partners in letting our fans know about all the great things to do, places to go, where to stay, play, live, work, and retire. If you own a business or know someone who owns a business in the Central Texas area and want help in promoting and sharing your service or products with people who are seeking information about our area — we are the people that can do it better than most anyone because as our brand says “We are Texas Hill Country”.

Our Online and Social Media Presence

Texas Hill Country Facebook Page

Photo: Texas Hill Country Facebook Page

This website alone, plus our main Facebook page, are already out-performing Texas Monthly, TravelTex, Texas Highways, Texas Outdoors, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Cowboys and Indians and most any other Texas based presence. We’re reaching several million people per month on our website and averaging 10-20 million per week on our Facebook page. We’re growing by approximately 1,000 new fans every day and engaging almost one million fans every day who most all want to know the answers to those questions.

Our City and Attraction Sites

Highland Lakes Site by Texas Hill Country

Photo: highlandlakestx.com by Texas Hill Country

Besides these primary sites we own, we’re also creating a series of activity websites for every city and attraction in the Hill Country such as the following:

…and hundreds more, plus Facebook pages and most every other social media platform, from Twitter, Pinterest to Instagram, ready to promote them all.

Our Print Magazine

Heart of Texas Magazine

Photo: Heart of Texas Magazine

Our newly revamped print magazine, Heart of Texas Magazine, has become a fast growing success. We’re the only Hill Country representation in the State Capitol Guest Center and all 12 State of Texas Visitor Centers at the Texas entry points — all by special invite from the State of Texas. We’re in most every Hill Country town Chamber of Commerce and/or CVB, many businesses, plus we now have over 30,000 subscribers both in print and online.

What We’re Offering

Snip from Texas Hill Country Media Kit

Image: Texas Hill Country Media Kit

If you’re not familiar with online marketing, combined with print magazine promotion, consider this analogy.

ALL other forms of traditional advertising have a very small, low percentage of return because of their broad audience and narrow interest factor. What I mean by that can be seen with what we call the “shotgun approach” comparison, which is like shooting a shotgun shell that involves a bunch of small BBs into the air in hopes of hitting something.

All traditional forms of advertising like radio, TV, magazines, newspapers and bill boards use this method and normally hope to achieve a 2-3% return or “hit” with someone interested. Think about it, someone listening to their radio, can listen to satellite, CDs, a multitude of channels and even if they’re on the right channel at the right time, will rarely pay attention to the commercials. Television is the same way, possibly worse with TIVO and a multitude of channels and options, plus it’s too expensive for most local businesses.

Magazines and newspapers are dying unless they have a great online presence, but even if someone gets them, chances of them noticing your ad, much less being interested are very slim. Then, a billboard, promoting something like a restaurant, store or place to stay will be lucky if 2-3% of people passing by that particular sign will even do so when they need those services, so again, low return for big investments.

Now, this new thing comes along called the Internet. People type in what they’re looking for on Google, Yahoo or Bing, kind of like the now defunct Phone Book Yellow Pages and find exactly what they want. Whether on their laptop, desktop or phone, they type in something like “Texas Hill Country”, and if you’re a first page result, you now have something much better and more focused than a shotgun approach, you have a rifle and a direct hit, a bullet rather than a shotgun blast in the air.

The same thing happens with phrases like “Hill Country Attractions”, “Texas Hill Country Places to Stay”, “Hill Country things to do” and so many peripheral phrases and request that we stay in front of them by simply focusing on whatever our fans and clients need us to, so that is our goal for you with our websites.

Then something even better came along, and that something better is social media, the new “word of mouth,” where family and friends share and discuss what they like about all kinds of things. Social media, and especially Facebook, is even better than a single shot, even if direct and focused, Facebook is like a machine gun.

On Facebook, you have “fans” and we’re approaching one million of them, plus all their family and friends when they share our posts who sign up for our page to post on their feeds some 1-20 times a day. So, everyday, we get to tell millions of people, multiple times a day, where to go, stay, play, and all the rest.  We can place an article on our website, then put a post about it on Facebook and literally reach over 100,000 people in the first hour just to get it started.

There has literally never been any other form of marketing and promotion that comes close to comparing with a great online presence with a great Facebook page, so that is why we want to work with you.

Why We Want to Partner With You

We will work with most anyone, as long as you show genuine Texas hospitality and pride. Now, we’ll certainly work the old fashion way, for hire in advertising who you are and what you have to offer. If you’re interested in this typical, regular but great way, you can see our Media Kit here. All our stats and prices are available for everyone to see, and yes, we’re willing to make special deals for special groups, companies and individuals, so let us know what you need and how we can help.

We are also seeking to help others who may not fall into the typical or regular role of advertiser. We’re actually hoping to find special situations with groups, companies and individuals who may need a little more help, even a lot of help. Who we would most like to work with are people with ranches, resorts, camps, retreats, attractions, events, RV Parks, golf courses and B&Bs in telling people about great Texas Hill Country activities and places to relax. Here’s a novel idea, we’re even open to partnering with a few of these latter type businesses, so if you would like more promotion and marketing than most anyone could even afford, then we would love to speak with you. If you’re ready to sell, shut down or retire, consider giving us a try because we think we could make your business or service a success and maybe even the “talk of the Hill Country” — so we will consider doing some trading or partnering if that interests you.

Bottom line — we would love to work with you in everything you do and what we can do, telling the world about our great Texas Hill Country!

Please contact our Director Scott O’Neill by email at [email protected] right away to take advantage of this partnership offer. We look forward to working with you!