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‘It’s Hard to Believe That This is Right Here in Pasadena’: Armand Bayou Eco Boat Tours

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Featuring a wide variety of forest as well as prairie trails, Armand Bayou Nature Center (ABNC) also provides eco boat tours of what they feel is the best remaining example of what Houston-area bayous used to look like. Hence the city’s nickname being “the Bayou City.”

Located in Pasadena, along the Texas Gulf Coast, the ABNC is home to two extensive hiking trails that follow the forest around the bayou, as well as a historic farm site which consists of the Martyn family farm house (constructed in the 1890s). But the pontoon boat cruises are designed for those that wish to enjoy the bayou with as minimal disturbance to its ecosystem as is humanly possible (aside from paddling it yourself of course.)

Featured on the PasadenaChannel on YouTube, this video of the Armand Bayou Nature Center eco boat tour also features many waterfowl and birds of prey that are natural to the area, together with the largest reptile in North America…the alligator. The eco boat tours at the nature center are not only entertaining but also used as an educational platform, extolling the virtues of the areas biodiversity as well as knowledge on topics ranging from birds to insects, and their natural predators. See what the Texas Gulf Coast has to offer in the Bayou City, and take an eco boat tour at the Armand Bayou Nature Center. Taking you through the heart of this wetland, the narrator identifies the key takeaway: “It’s hard to believe this is right here in Pasadena.”