Passenger Flying on Irish Plane Asked to Break Out His Instrument to Lead the Crew in Song

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“So you brought a squeezebox on an Irish aircraft? And you’re not playing it? Why are you not playing it?!” a flight attendant asked a passenger on a RyanAir flight. At first, the passenger was confused, and he looked apprehensive and afraid that he was doing something wrong. Of course, with the recent news stories of disagreements on flights turning physical, many people are on edge while flying. Thankfully in this situation, the flight attendants were not really chastising the man, they just wanted him to break out his instrument and play!

Someone had their camera rolling while the confusion turned into delight (probably to make sure there wouldn’t be any issues after the attendant was asking to see in the man’s bag). In a pleasant turn of events, the man pulled out an accordion and started playing “Dirty Old Town,” a folk song famously recorded by The Dubliners and The Pogues. Fellow passengers clapped along as the men surrounding the squeezebox player sang a few lines of the song, showing that music makes nearly everything better, even sitting on a plane.

The video has already gone viral with postings from the LAD Bible and UNILAD gaining over 5 million views each.