Pasta Chef Creates Calming and Beautiful Instagram Account

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Canadian-based pasta maker Miyuki Adachi captivates over 60,000 followers on Instagram with her artful and tasty pasta creations.

Miyuki, originally from Japan, wasn’t sure what she wanted to do after graduating with a British and American literature degree. Eventually, she found pasta making to be her passion.

According to Instagram‘s blog, her favorite pasta form is strascinati, because she “love[s] the feeling of the knife pulling over the layers of pasta dough.”

The way she plays with colors and textures is absolutely fascinating.

The creative pieces of pasta look like art pieces, but still maintain an appetizing appeal.

Once you start scanning her account, you’ll feel hungry for colorful cuisine.

The careful and long process she goes through to make each piece of food is inspiring. It can make anyone want to run out and buy a pasta maker even though it would take years to get close to her level of mastery.

So what’s Miyuki’s favorite dish? She told Instagram, “Orecchiette, because of its chewiness and ability to hold sauce well. I serve it with broccoli raab, garlic and anchovy with toasted bread crumbs. It is really simple and has a clean flavor.”

You can follow her amazing Instagram page here.