Pat Green Speckles Your Spring and Summer Playlists With Great Texas Tunes

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Pat Green is one of the most well-loved Texas country music sensations ever, continuing to reign on our airwaves, our playlists, and at our live events. That being said, the number of songs he’s released versus the amount that is available to us in video format online is a little one-sided. For the fans who crave the kind of music that Green produces coupled with the visual aspect you can only get from an official artist release, this article is for you.

Of the official video releases on the Pat Green YouTube channel, there’s definitely some stand-out material that has reached peak performance in terms of viewing numbers. Of greatest viewership appears to be the video for “Wave on Wave,” which can be seen here.

Hailing from the Texas Hill Country, Green has experienced some serious career highs in the country music industry. He’s also broadened his horizons by branching into the restaurant industry just last year with the opening of The Rustic – a food and beverage (not to mention great entertainment) venue in his hometown of San Antonio. Still, the list of music on his official YouTube channel is as varied as this artist’s talents appear to be, and there’s little doubt you’ll find a spring/summer listening favorite, or even a full playlist for all your backyard barbecue or seasonal bash needs. A particular favorite to this writer is the video for “Drinkin’ Days.” It’s a great summertime anthem for those of us who can now look back on our wild and woollier days with a good laugh every now and then. In case you’re interested, the link is available here. Those of you who would prefer to check out the library of music for yourself and gather up what could be the ultimate in great Texas tunes, Pat Green’s official YouTube channel is available here.