Pat Green’s ‘Drinkin’ Days’ Are Behind Him & His Latest Release is a Certified Hit

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Releasing “Drinkin’ Days,” his first new work since the 2015 LP “Home,” singer Pat Green works his way into our hearts once again, while making us reflect on our younger, and sometimes not-so-responsible days. After leaving Nashville in 2009, Green returned to his Texas roots, and at the age of 45, isn’t showing any signs of slowing down soon – although the song certainly has hints of the exact opposite.

A wistful single, reflective and pensive, Green takes his listener on a look back to younger days of partying, singing, “They hurt like a mother, but we sure did love ’em,” in the chorus of this latest release written by Jaron Boyer, Phil Barton, and Ben Burges. Produced by Justin Pollard, Green’s drummer, the song is an acoustic piece with a fiddle and catchy lyrics, and perhaps just a touch autobiographical, although Green has been sober for some time now.

Shared on his VEVO YouTube Channel, “Drinkin’ Days” is a must-get if you’re any kind of Pat Green fan. What country music-loving Texan isn’t?! In an interview with Rolling Stone regarding the song’s theme, Green said, “My party days were fantastic, I had a blast. They were absolute wonderful times. But, you know, you keep that up and you’re going to look like shit and be dead somewhere.” Although this is his first release of new music in two years, he hasn’t exactly stagnated. Green has taken up sculpting and painting and has also become a partner in The Rustic – a Texas-based restaurant group. As a result, the Texas Hill Country native now enjoys being able to select what he records and when, which is the exact opposite of how the industry normally rolls. “Drinkin’ Days” is now available on digital media, and fans are going to want to grab a copy to add to their Pat Green collection now!


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