The PB&J Hot Dog Exists and We’re Not Sure We’re Down for That

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A peanut butter and jelly hot dog is a real thing, and people have been posting about their love of this creation since 2012! Where has this been? Better yet, where have we been? It’s a culinary adventure for those with a daring palate.

A PJ&J sandwich has long been a childhood favorite for many. It’s even spawned entire restaurant concepts in New York and Los Angeles due to the popularity of the food and the memories that tasting this delightful combination recalls for many. Putting this combination on a hot dog could do one of two things: make you wince or make you swoon. “Say hello to my little friend,” the peanut butter and jelly hot dog!

The PB&J Hot Dog Exists, and We’re Not Sure if We’re Down for That

Photo: Facebook/Adventures of a Nurse Recipes

There’s even a grilled sandwich version of this unique dish (‘dish’ sounds so grown-up, doesn’t it?). It’s available on the Art of Manliness website at the link available here. In truth, having a hot dog on sandwich bread is nothing new, for those of us whose parents perhaps didn’t deem it necessary to purchase buns when there was already a great substitute on their grocery list that they always had on hand. But adding peanut butter and jelly never really crossed our minds. We’ve used the usual toppings: ketchup, mustard, relish. We’ve even barbecued them, like the true Texas ‘que kings we are. But this was something we weren’t exactly sure about until we saw that Mount Airy Casino Resort in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania, serves it on their Golf Clubhouse’s secret menu!

The PB&J Hot Dog Exists, and We’re Not Sure if We’re Down for That

Photo: Facebook/Mando Haro

Best Products reached out to the resort, which responded by email that the unique hot dog offering was available at a cost $5 (effective July 2018). We’ve heard of some people topping their hot dog with outlandish flavor combinations before. We’ve known about the “whistle dog” for some time now (bacon and cheese) and the chili cheese dog (self-explanatory), but never this. Is this a food combination you’d be down for? Have you tried a PB&J hot dog before? Do tell…