Can You Handle the Cuteness of Peanut the Prairie Dog?

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Last month, Viral Hog uploaded two videos of a ridiculously cute creature called Peanut the Prairie Dog. According to the video description, Peanut was discovered on the street by a volunteer for the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, and due to Peanut’s friendly inclination toward humans, they could tell that he was once a pet.

On their Facebook page, the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center says that they’re considering starting an Instagram page for Peanut since his popularity has really taken off, and he will be in their care for the long haul since he can’t be released back into the wild. “He is now a member of our Educational Ambassadors Team,” the explained.

Peanut is a funny little guy, and since prairie dogs are social animals, his human friends play with him often. He also gets a great deal of beauty rest as seen through a couple of photos and videos uploaded to the center’s social media. “He is alive and not under any sedation,” they remind viewers who might worry after seeing how relaxed Peanut is on his back!

The video of Peanut’s belly rubs and surprised face (much like the little gray kitten who went viral years ago) has been picked up by news outlets even though it only lasts about 15 seconds. Witness more of the cute for yourself below.