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Pearland Opens Charity Clinic on a Mission to Serve Families in Need of Healthcare

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Pearland Neighborhood Center recently opened its doors to the first charity clinic available in the area. SEVA Clinic was founded by, Periyanan Vaduganathan, or Dr. Nathan as he is known, a cardiologist and chief of staff at Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital. Dr. Nathan has been practicing medicine for 21 years in the Houston area. All medical staff at SEVA Clinic, along with Dr. Nathan, will be donating their time to provide medical services to those in need of healthcare.

Dr. Nathan’s idea for this nonprofit medical clinic came about as he had many patients expressing the need for a free clinic in the Pearland area. Today his mission to provide services to those who may not have access to healthcare or have had rates increased at doctors office have become a reality and an option for many in need. You can view an informative video posted by Chron.com here.

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With the growing concern and uncertainty, many are faced with our ever-changing healthcare options. SEVA clinic is a wonderful alternative for those seeking care without having to go to the urgent care or the emergency room as their only other options.

Previously, patients in the area who couldn’t afford healthcare costs were referred to the Stephen F. Austin clinic, the nearest charity clinic residing in Alvin, TX.  This option, unfortunately, presented a challenge, especially for its Senior Citizen patients who did not always have transportation available to travel the distance. With SEVA clinic in the area, many will have the services available without the challenge of worrying about how they can afford to pay to take care of their healthcare needs.

Dr. Nathan has expressed that there is an overwhelming welcome and support for such a clinic to be part of the Pearland Neighborhood Center and many are willing to donate. The clinic is located at 2335 N. Texas Avenue, in the Pearland Neighborhood Center and will be open Thursdays from 5:30 –  7:30 p.m. No appointment is necessary.

Services you can expect to receive include primary health care needs, diabetes care, and hypertension care to name a few. Dr. Nathan hopes to expand and provide additional services such as vaccinations, routine blood work, x-ray machines, and even a pharmacy and additional staff. Services are free but a $10 cost is asked for a donation if you are able.