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TPWD Wants to Develop Overlook Near Pedernales Falls State Park

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For the past 45 years, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has cultivated over 5,000 acres of land in the Texas Hill Country as the treasured Pedernales Falls State Park. Now, as My Statesman reports, TPWD hopes they will be able to obtain 300 acres of additional land that overlooks the park in order to prevent harmful developments taking place.

If the current landowner, whose name shall remain anonymous, allows houses to be built, it would certainly impact the serene view from the park. In addition to maintaining the natural beauty, TPWD says they would like to use the new land to create access to the bluffs near the falls and open up more acreage to the public.

As it’s listed on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website, Pedernales Falls, located in Johnson City, Texas, provides visitors with opportunities to “camp, hike, mountain bike, picnic, geocache, bird watch and ride horses. On the river, you can swim, wade, tube or fish. Look for local wildlife and plants at the bird blind and butterfly garden.” The park is open daily for a small fee, and it’s truly one of the areas that makes the Texas Hill Country such a beautiful place to live and visit.