These Pens Allow You to Fill in Drawings With Variations of Vivid Colors

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Warning: Watching this video might make you purchase new art supplies immediately. Mashable recently featured a video on their Facebook page highlighting the Chameleon Pens. These new markers are made to blend colors together with one fluid swipe of the pen. Colors can go from dark to light and vice versa, all you have to do is load the color onto the nib.

Chameleon products are meant to create beautiful variations that you can’t completely control. The result looks a bit like watercolor or even a gradient fill in Photoshop. The Mashable video has already gained 129K like, love and wow reactions. Though commenter Rodney Owen had a good point. “Why don’t they show more than one thing being drawn at a time? If you draw a grape and it starts off light purple the gets darker then move to the next grape, does it start off light purple again?” he writes. The pens will have to be “reloaded” each time you want to create a variation, which might be too tedious for some people.

On the Chameleon website, they sell replacement ink refills, nibs, and packs of pens. A pack of 22 pens costs $100. Though they aren’t cheap, they could be the perfect tool to buy while the adult coloring book craze is going on.