People Ages 5 – 75 Share Their Main Goal in Life

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Glamour Magazine’s YouTube channel can be a surprising source of inspiration. Though many of their uploads are more lighthearted like “How to Dress for Three Events, All in One Night” or “100 Years of Jeans,” there are some noteworthy clips that deserve multiple viewings.

One interesting video is titled “70 People Ages 5 – 75 Answer One Question: What’s Your Goal In Life?” The topic concerns something we all ponder at different depths while we age. The quick editing shows how our goals morph from a current interest or gratification to a specific desire to even into a philosophical thought.

It appears that Glamour asked many creative people the simultaneously weighty and exciting question, judging from how many people said they wanted an Academy Award, but people of all interests and backgrounds should be able to relate to the honest admissions from the video’s participants.

“’To make someone else’s life better’ is by far the best one,” writes a commenter dubbed Bob Marley on the YouTube page. “This video gives me a warm feeling. I love how many people said they want to be happy. We all crave the same actually,” Laura Juric adds. Watch the video below to see if you feel inspiration from hearing other people’s number one ambition.