The Perfect Glass of Deliciously Homemade Sweet Iced Tea

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If you’ve never sat out on your Grandma’s porch sipping a glass of sweet iced tea, you’re missing out Also…what exactly has kept you from this wonderfully simple Texas summer thirst-quencher?! A truly great glass of iced tea can cool the lips, swirl sweetly over the palate, soothe and satisfyingly cool your warm temperature at its core. If you’re a fan of the drink but get so used to ordering it instead of making it, you’re missing out on one of the simpler things that can send you into a reverie about the pursuit of happiness – which can be found in a homemade jug of it, sitting in your fridge.

The Perfect Glass of Deliciously Homemade Sweet Iced Tea

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So how is it that you perfect a concoction such as this? This transcendent concoction is an easy thing to achieve, given a little time. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Take time for all things: great haste makes great waste.”

An excellent full-bodied brew of tea will start you off in the right direction. Five cups of boiling water and three pot-sized tea bags (as opposed to single-cup tea bags) should do the trick. But the unique difference that will set you apart from your neighbors is ultimately in the ice cubes. If you make these with tea as well, rather than water, your beautiful beverage will never become diluted. It’s ingenious!

The Perfect Glass of Deliciously Homemade Sweet Iced Tea

Photo: Flickr/RecoilRick

Next, you’ll want to use simple syrup in place of straight sugar in your tea. This is an easy thing to achieve. A standard simple syrup recipe is one part sugar to one part water, boiled for a minute or two. For these five cups of tea, you’ll make a syrup from one cup sugar and one cup water. Once you’ve completed the syrup, mix it in with your beverage and let cool in the fridge before putting your tea-made ice cubes into the mix. The last step you may or may not want to do is to thinly slice some lemon to float in your drink. It adds a subtle hint of citrus and a refreshing kick to your deliciously fresh, homemade sweet iced tea. Cheers!