The Perfect Paloma Made With Tasty Texas Tequila

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When you say “perfect” in real life, it generally means: “…as good as it can possibly be.” Perfect, in reference to the Perfect Paloma, however, is in reference to its dryness, or lacking in overtly sweet properties. Regardless of whether this drink is as good as it can possibly be, or it’s simply a delicious dry beverage of sorts, you can bet that when it’s made with Texas tequila, there’s absolutely no way it can get any better!

If it’s time to perfect your skills (see how we recycled that word quite cleverly there?!) at making such crafty cocktails as these, then look no further. Drizzle & Dip, Bobby’s Kozy Kitchen, and Thrillist all provide some tasty recipes for just such an occasion.

But here’s a little tip y’all might want to pick up. The Lone Star State has some of the finest tequila makers of all time. We’re sort of known for the finer things in life, and there’s nothing finer when mixing up the Perfect Paloma then ensuring you have some tempting Texas-made tequila on hand to do it with! Try this easy recipe to complete a textbook cocktail with top-notch skill. Warning: side effects include wanting another and extreme chattiness.

Perfect Paloma

The Perfect Paloma Made with Tasty Texas Tequila

Photo: Facebook/Cantina Louie


1.5 oz. Tequila

2 oz Sparkling or Mineral Water

2 oz. Sprite

2 Limes (for juice)

1/2 Grapefruit (for juice)


Pour the tequila, water, Sprite, lime and grapefruit juices into a glass.

Stir well to mix and garnish with your choice of lime, grapefruit slice, or whatever tickles your fancy.