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Fort Worth Student Flies to NYC to Choose Perfect Piano For Her School

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The I.M. Terrell Academy’s new campus in Fort Worth is currently under construction, but the $136,000 Steinway that will sit on the stage of their 900-seat auditorium has already been purchased. The Star-Telegram writes that student Maite Herrera chose the piano that thousands of music students will use at the school. She was picked to make the important selection from Steinway & Sons in New York City due to her talent and love of music.

In a video from FWISDnews uploaded to YouTube, Herrera’s journey was shown. First, she went to the Steinway factory to see the construction of these incredible pianos. Next, she went to Steinway Hall to try out the possible pianos that would grace the I.M. Terrell Academy stage for what the executive director of visual and performing arts for Fort Worth schools, Christina Walk, says will be the next 100 years. Skip to about 2 minutes into the video below to hear Herrera play and select the winning piano alongside Buddy Bray, a pianist with the Fort Worth Symphony who also joined in on the trip.

“Every piano has its own personality,” Ethelyn Beck, Herrera’s piano teacher told the news. Herrera and Bray considered the piano’s character to choose a gorgeous Steinway D grand piano.