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Where to Catch the Perfect Sunset in Texas

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There are many a Texas sunset that we’ve all gazed upon with amazement. Sometimes we’re speechless. Other times we can’t help but utter an “ohhhhh” or a “woooowww.” If you want to see where best you can find one, here are a few spots to catch the perfect Texas sunset (on a clear day of course!)

The Oasis Restaurant on Lake Travis


Photo: Flickr/Drew Kolb

The Oasis is a very popular restaurant that sits on the northwest side of Austin. It markets itself as the “Sunset Capital of Texas”, complete with terraced views that look westward over Lake Travis, making it very possible to catch a glimpse of that golden glory. Sitting on a 450-foot bluff above Lake Travis, at 30,000 square feet, it’s the largest outdoor restaurant in Texas.

“The Window,” Big Bend National Park

Where to Catch the Perfect Sunset in Texas

Photo: Wikimedia

Rumor has it, Big Bend National Park is the least visited in the national park system. Why? We’re not sure since the beauty of it is simply unfathomable. Indeed it is the largest, and most remote, but that makes it all the more special, and of course perfect for gazing on an uninterrupted Texas sunset. “The Window” is an easy-to-moderate hike that can often get crowded at prime park hours. The view once you get there is stunning, with a great photo opportunity and a 200-foot drop off! Take lots of water, and wear good hiking shoes, but the little effort is worth the large Texas sunset payoff!

Across a Texas Field Just Before a Bonfire With Friends

From Trey Ratcliff at

Photo: Flickr/Trey Ratcliff

Another rumor is that any old Texas field, looking westward at just the right time of night can present a magical opportunity; one in which you find yourself so amazed by the beauty of the sunset you’ll think you can make a wish on it, like a star! Just kidding, but ultimately, your view of the Texas sunset from wherever you happen to be can be just as magical and memorable as anywhere within the state. And having a bonfire with friends right afterward can’t hurt either. Enjoy!