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Perfect Tubing Conditions Expected for Memorial Day Weekend

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Despite all the crazy rain and flooding, the owner of Texas Tubes, Colie Reno informed the Chron he is expecting this weekend to reach full capacity. The Guadalupe River is flowing at a rate of 5,300 cubic feet per second (cfs) and the Comal River is flowing at 384 cfs, making it an ideal time to take the tubes out on the rivers. It’s hard to believe after recent storms, but Mother Nature is bound to give us a break sooner or later. Fingers are crossed that there will be no interruption of the Memorial Day kick-off of tubing season.

tubingPhoto: Groupon

The last few years have been rough, causing a drop in the number of people who come out to enjoy a relaxing ride on the river, but this year Reno expects conditions to remain favorable for floating. Just in case, there are emergency warning sirens are located on the Guadalupe River and throughout Comal County. For additional safety, the City of New Braunfels is looking to deploy an additional 30 officers to patrol both the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers from about lunchtime to sunset throughout the tubing season. This will include Memorial Day.

tubingPhoto: YouTube/Comal Tubes

Reno advises visitors to arrive early. The peak times for tubing is between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m., with Sunday being the busiest day. During these times you can expect to wait for two hours for one of the 1,400 tubes Texas Tubes have available for tubers. That’s a long wait! While it is an easy drive for many residing in the Hill Country, 60% of the guests are from the Dallas and Houston areas over Memorial Day Weekend to enjoy for one weekend what Hill Country folk take full advantage of throughout the year. Visitors are welcome to bring their own tube to the Comal River,which will keep the wait time minimal. The fee for river access is $2. Not half-bad, considering an iced latte costs nearly two-thirds more.