Pet Dog Isn’t Supportive of This Little Girl’s Flute Practice

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Learning to play a musical instrument is difficult. You know you sound like an amateur, you have to play the same songs over and over and family members don’t always understand how difficult practicing can be. Even though this young girl is receiving some comments from the peanut gallery while practicing her flute, she can’t help but have several giggle fits because the interruptions are coming from her lazy dog.

In a new viral video, a girl is busy playing “Are You Sleeping?” (also known as “Frère Jacques”) on her flute, but her pet dog is really over the song choice. While laying down on the floor on the other side of the room, the pup has no problem letting her know that practice time is making him feel like he needs to express himself as well with moans crescendoing into howls.

Of course, there is also the possibility that the dog is really enjoying the music and simply wants to sing along despite not knowing the tune. You can decide for yourself if her pet is being supportive, jeering, or just tapping into some wild instincts in the two videos below uploaded by lwmckee in October 2016.