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Odessa Resident Starts Petition After Euthanization of 90 Waterfowl

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An Odessa resident started a petition asking City Councilman Dewey Bryant to step down from office after the euthanizing of 90 ducks and geese at Memorial Gardens Park.

The petition states: “Dewey Bryant’s complaint about nuisance waterfowl at his business and subsequent abuse of power as a politician shows his lack of regard for the citizens he is supposed to represent. Dewey Bryant’s abuse of power is responsible for our city’s rapid response to involve Texas Parks and Wildlife to deal with the overpopulation of waterfowl at the Memorial Gardens Park duck pond. As a result of this abuse of power, Texas Parks and Wildlife will be executing around 90 ducks and geese to control the population of waterfowl in the park.”

According to News West 9, State director for the Texas Wildlife Service Mike Bodenchuk said that relocating is not a solution to get rid of the ducks and geese. Instead, they will slip tranquilizers into bread and take the waterfowl to warehouses where they “euthanize them with carbon monoxide gas, which is an improved method of euthanasia by the American Veterinary Medical Association.” Only the creatures that eat the bread will be targeted “because those are the ones who are causing the problems.”

The original goal of the petition was to reach 30 signatures, but due to popularity, the new goal is to find 300 residents who are upset by euthanizing of these animals.