Photographer Photoshops His Goldendoodle into Massive Dog

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Juji the Goldendoodle is earning quite the large reputation, literally. His owner, also a photographer, has been photoshopping Juji into some seriously silly positions.

Mimicking the children’s book character Clifford the Big Red Dog, Juji’s Instagram photos depict the pup as a massive, goofy character. In reality, the pup only weighs about 100 pounds.

Christopher Cline, the owner, started photoshopping Juji for two reasons, as told to Mashable, “One, I love the idea of a story-like feeling it gives the viewer. Almost like reading a children’s book. Two, it’s somewhat comical and gives you the feeling that even though he’s big, he’s still just a puppy. And three, any dog owner will tell you that their pups are a huge part of their lives. So why not make them that big?”

A photo posted by Chris Cline (@christophercline) on Dec 15, 2015 at 12:07pm PST

He has a great point: owning a dog brings out the best in al of us. It makes us embrace our silly sides and Juji’s pictures are the perfect representation of that.

It’s even sillier to see how Chris himself shows up in these awesome pictures. Navigating the world of giant pups can’t’ be easy!