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Man Pedals in Piano to Play Moving Song for Grieving Dallas Crowd

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After the large memorial service for Dallas Police officers on Sunday evening, a man used his bike to pull a grand piano toward the crowd. He stopped to play John Lennon’s classic “Imagine” to an astounded audience.

Davide Martello, also known as “Klavierkunst” meaning “piano art” in German, stopped in Dallas as part of his world tour promoting peace. As he says on his Facebook page, “My goal is to travel around the whole world with my grand piano and to inspire people in the middle of the streets.”

Reporter Garrett Haake told KVUE, “He rode up, he played, he rode away. It was all pretty quick and surreal.” Previously, Martello played in France, Ukraine and Istanbul after events of violence and/or political unrest.

The events in Dallas pulled him in to the city. He posted on Facebook, “The colours of my piano keys inspired me to come to Dallas today. I will play in front of the memorial to promote peace.”

After every tragedy, people are ready to help others heal. It seems that Martello hoped that his instrumental version of “Imagine” could provide some musical therapy to Dallas residents. You can follow Klavierkunst’s journey on Facebook and even suggest locations for him to play on his website.