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Pickles, Chile, and Cherry Make Piccadilly Raspas Great!

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The famous heat of Texas summers is quickly approaching. Everyone has their favorite ways of cooling down when it becomes unbearable outside, especially in the form of tasty treats. As a product of South Texas, personal preferences lean toward raspas, paleta, and pepino. Raspas are scraped ice with flavoring added (the word comes from hielo raspado, or scraped ice), paletas are frozen fruit or cream pops, and pepino is sliced, chilled cucumber served in a cup with chili powder (or alongside a raspa!).

Recently, a specific type of raspa has become popular in places where raspas are a way of life. This concoction takes both hands and undivided attention to eat, and you may want to have a glass of water handy. The piccadilly raspa typically features red and/or green chamoy (pickled, chili fruit sauce), sprinkled cherry Kool-Aid, and diced dill pickles atop shaved ice, not crushed. Crushed ice creations are a different category. At its very basic, a piccadilly raspa is shaved ice doused with cherry syrup and adorned with chunks of pickle and chili powder.

Pickles, Chile, and Cherry Make Piccadilly Raspas Great!

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Texans do love pickles and often incorporate them in ways the rest of the world might not understand. For example, last summer Fort Worth brewery Martin House Brewing Company, started making beer with Best Maid Sour Pickles which became very popular, and this past February, posted a recipe for Bacon Pickle Fries. The brine love really does run deep around here.

When in San Antonio, try these great places who take the tasty treats of South Texas seriously: Chamoy City Limits, Sam’s Snack Stand, Big Daddy’s Eats & Treats, Las Nieves Fruit Cups & More, or search Google for nearest to where you are staying. Check on social media for current hours and take-away options, and enjoy a chilled treat of fruit, pickle, and spice!