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Picture of Plano 4-Year-Old Fraudulently Used by Man on Facebook

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A Plano mom is speaking out after she discovered a man was using a photo of her daughter on Facebook and saying she was his own child who recently drowned. According to CBS DFW,  Nickol Gallovich noticed at the end of last week that her daughter’s photo was set as a strange man’s profile picture. She has no connection to him on social media or in reality, nor the person who contacted her to tell her about the use of the photo.

“Obviously I was worried that he was potentially a pedophile or he was trying to get information from me about where we live and things like that,” Gallovich told CBS. Facebook has since removed both of the profiles – the one who contacted her and the one using the child’s photo. Both suspiciously with the first name Rayne/Rein.

This isn’t the first time a 4-year-old’s photos have been used as a stranger’s profile picture. Like the recent story in Plano, USA Today reports that back in 2015 that a man was taking photos from a mom’s posts and using them to say that she was his daughter. “I thought my profile was set to private, but I didn’t know that posts could be public,” the mom explains.

The best thing parents can do to prevent this from happening is making sure that all of their social media activity can only be seen by people they know and trust personally.