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Astronaut Drew Feustel Tweets a Photo of Texas From Space Station and it’s Breathtaking

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On June 17, astronaut Drew Feustel tweeted a photo of the Lone Star State from space, showing some of the state’s cities lit up in the night. The International Space Station made a pass over Texas that night, allowing Feustel the unique opportunity to take this one-of-a-kind space photo and share it for Twitter followers.

Saying goodnight to Houston and Dallas, as well as San Antonio and Austin in the Texas Hill Country, Feustel posted the picture of these Texas cities all lit up that night. His view from the space station was clearly breathtaking. At the time this article was written, his tweet had more than 6K likes and 1K retweets.

His followers commented things like “…I’m flicking my lights on and off; can you see me?” and “Photo’s taken from the @Space_Station always amazing. Love that you can see the curve of the Earth.” Some commented with respect to light pollution in Texas and the fact that such a view could be seen from space, however, for the most part, the comments were positive and grateful. The fact that Feustel was clearly elated to see Texas, take such an epic photo, and post it to celebrate on Twitter was a positive highlight for the start of the week on social media.