‘Pilot’ Earpiece Turns International Communication on its Ear

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In an effort to advance true worldwide communication, a “smart” earpiece has been developed that allows two people, speaking different languages, to fully understand each other through translation. The “Pilot,” as it’s called, is the result of two years of research and development out of a New York-based tech firm called Waverly Labs.

Although the existing model appears to have a slight delay before communicating a fellow speaker’s conversation in a computerized voice, and in your language, its concept is a welcomed one. The integration of this type of technology with smart phones can also make a giant leap forward in bringing people with language barriers closer together.

The “Pilot” earpiece works in tandem with a second earpiece together with an app on a smartphone. The jump-off price point is rumored to be $299 USD for the pair, although this has yet to be confirmed. Waverly Labs is currently accepting pre-orders on their website, and we think with this first concept, they’ll do quite well to integrate language, true communication, and globally accepted technologies.