A Look at the Pinkest Pink Pigment and Why It Was Created

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When the company Surrey Nanosystems made the “blackest black” pigment, they allowed one artist, Anish Kapoor, to use their product. Since the deeply dark black pigment made headlines all over the world, other artists weren’t too happy to learn that someone had exclusive rights to the product. As a response, Stuart Semple took matters into his own hands and created the pinkest pink!

In the video below by Tom Scott, viewers can only imagine how pink Semple’s pink actually is due to the limitations of a normal computer screen. Scott tries to simulate how intense the color appears in reality by playing with the saturation of the video. “Colour grading this video was a nightmare! I’ve got as close as I can to the real colour – Stuart gave me a small pot of the pigment to take home! – but it’s just not quite there. It’s not more saturated, it’s not brighter, it’s just… a tiny bit more pink, somehow,” he wrote.

Semple has continued to play with pigment concoctions to come up with power packs with the “pinkest pink,” “yellowest yellow,” “loveliest blue,” and “greenest green” available on his website. He’s also created a line of highly pigmented acrylic paints with accompanying scents, and the “world’s most glittery glitter,” all of which are available here to everyone except Anish Kapoor, “who won’t share his black!”