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Reports Say a Stray Pit Bull Attacked Children on a Playground in Houston

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On Tuesday afternoon at the YES Prep College School on Crenshaw Road in Houston, kids were outside during recess. Somehow, a stray pit bull was inside of the fenced in area. The dog attacked a child, pulling him through a field.

Maria Hinojosa told Click2Houston that her granddaughter saw the attack. “Apparently, a little boy was dragged through the field, and the other four kids tried to run and protect him. And I think that’s how the other ones got injured,” she said. It’s unclear whether or not all of the children were bit, but all had minor injuries.

According to CW39, all of the children involved are 7th graders at the school. None of the students were taken to the hospital, but they were sent home due to the upsetting nature of the incident. People say that the surrounding neighborhood is a typical place for people to dump dogs, though police are still looking for someone who might have been the owner of the dog. If the pit bull is not claimed, it will be put down rather quickly.

Several people expressed concern online for the dog’s wellbeing, posting comments on news articles saying that the children could have been provoking the animal. Police are investigating the matter.