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Pit Bulls Trained to Sniff Out Narcotics in San Antonio

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Pit bulls have a bad reputation, but an organization in San Antonio is working to change the public’s misconception of the dog breed. Universal K9 recently had a new graduating class of six pit bulls (and pit bull mixes) trained to detect narcotics and work with police.

KSAT reports that the dogs will take on positions around the country with law enforcement. One K-9 will hold the title of first working police pit bull in the state of Colorado!

Generally, German Shepards or Labradors are chosen for training, but the leader of Universal K-9 came up with the pit bull program to give pit bull mixes in shelters a second chance at life, and to tap into their innate skills. “These are the ones that get put down because people think ‘wow that dog’s got too much energy,’ you know, they just get looked over. And those are the dogs that work really well for our program. And they excel in this work,” Croft told CBS News.

By channeling their energy, Universal K9 trainers are able to mold the pit bulls into great companions and workers. K-9 handler Dawn Havens told KSAT, “They are the best dogs, most loyal, that anyone can ever own.”