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San Antonio Pizza Chef Perfects Spurs-Inspired Designs

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Carlo Lujan has caught the attention of Spurs fans for creating Spurs-inspired designs on top of huge 62” Big Lou’s Pizzas. The talented pizza artist can use pepperonis to make the Spurs logo, mascot, or even players on the top of a fresh pie.

KENS 5 says that the artistic pizzas are made to order. To see how much work goes into those special orders, they uploaded a time-lapse video of Lujan at work with a fellow pizza maker there to help spread out the hefty scoops of marinara and handfuls of delicious mozzarella cheese.

When it comes to carefully placing the perfectly folded pieces of pepperoni, Lujan is on his own. He uses a small printed out Spurs logo as a reference and quickly freehands it in all its meaty glory! And of course, he doesn’t leave the rest of the pizza pepperoni-free. He fills in the negative space with lined-up pieces and then covers them with more cheese so the design shines proudly.

Lujan’s Instagram shows that he’s also made pizza with portraits on them (which appear to be carved designs) and he even made a special “Will You Marry Me” pizza. With a tasty proposal like that, who could say no?

GO SPURS GO !! 62'#spurs#logo

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