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Planes Clip Wings on the Ground at Austin International Airport

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On Wednesday night at 8:22 p.m., a United flight taxied out of gate 19 as an American Airlines flight that had recently flown in from New York City sat still near gate 21. KVUE says that the tips of the wings of the planes touched, causing damage to each plane, but not harming any passengers.

The 105 people on the United flight had to sit tight in their seats until they were given the OK hours afterwards to evacuate via air stairs. Reports say 155 people were still on the American Airlines flight as it was waiting for permission to approach their gate.

KXAN points out, “On Wednesday night, a United spokesperson said that one of its wings ‘was clipped by another aircraft.’ But on Thursday morning, United changed their language to say while their flight was taxiing, one of its wings ‘made contact with another.’”

Though the FAA hasn’t made an official statement of fault, a passenger on the United flight told KXAN that the pilot came over the intercom and told travelers that it was his error. The passenger said the collision felt like a bump similar to getting rear-ended in a car.

Everyone on the United flight was put on another flight to Houston that night. If you’re interested in hearing the radio chatter during the ordeal at ABIA, click here.