Plano Man Successfully Battled a Bobcat

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Coming across a wild animal while on a walk can make one’s blood run cold. Recently, Logan Ortolf was walking his dog off of its leash at Hoblitzelle Park in Plano near Alma and Legacy Drives, when the pup started barking at the bushes. Ortolf noticed that his young Blue Heeler mix named Harley had found a bobcat, and it wasn’t thrilled with the barking.

Once Ortolf approached his dog, Harley lunged and, of course, the bobcat pounced. CBS DFW quoted Ortlolf, “And it got onto her, so I just reached down, grabbed it by the neck and tried to throw it into the woods, but it like latched onto my arm, scratched me a couple of times, so after that I just grabbed it by the tail and the neck and just threw it into the woods up against a tree, and it ran off.”

NBC DFW reports that Ortlolf had to get a series of rabies shots as a precaution, but he most likely didn’t contract rabies, and despite all of the trouble, he isn’t upset at the bobcat. He hopes that no one hunts it down, and he hopes that people will not start fearing bobcats as they aren’t known to attack people. In fact, this was the first recorded case of a bobcat clawing a human in Plano.