These Plants Are Taking Over Lakes in Texas

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Capt. Tony Norton with Texas Parks & Wildlife says that there’s an invasive plant making headway into Texas waters, but it isn’t getting the news coverage it needs to alert boaters on how they can make a difference.

The plant is called giant salvinia, and according to DFW CBS, “It’s already taking over Caddo Lake and others east of Dallas. The plant can double in size in just four days and completely carpet huge swaths of lake in no time, leaving waters hazardous for boating and deadly for indigenous wildlife.”

If the population of this plant isn’t controlled, fish won’t be able to survive as it takes over their living spaces and depletes oxygen from the water. Texas officials discussed using herbicides, but that could bring negative results for the rest of the lake’s environment as well. Instead, they’re hoping to release a type of weevil that eats the plant.

Giant salvinia has made a name for itself in places like Florida, but many Texans don’t realize that this species can hitch a ride on boats and trailers and wait until the next time the boat is used in another body of water to take over a new lake. Officials are asking boaters to remember to wash off their boats after every trip.