You Can Play Music With This Interactive, Colorful LED Light Table

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You’ve never heard a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” quite like this one before. The techies at GRIDI have created a unique musical instrument that’s played by placing orbs onto a colorful LED table with indentions representing different pitches and sounds.

As it says on the GRIDI website, the device was “created by music producer Yuvi Gerstein, with the simple aim, to demonstrate the world of modern music composition and show that musical composition can be accessible and intuitive for all.” The result is mesmerizing.

In the video uploaded to YouTube, Gerstein himself “plays” the large white table to show how easy it is to create a recognizable song using the orbs. He places the clear balls down in a set of movements almost like choreographed dance that reveals the song in stages. It’s fun to watch, and it also makes you want to try it out yourself!

Another video recorded while the GRIDI was installed at The Israel Museum in 2015 shows how the device can work in group settings where multiple people of all ages can collaborate and make music. Hopefully, more exciting musical technology like the GRIDI will pop up at additional museums around the world.