This Playful Goat Can’t Contain Its Excitement

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Buttermilk the goat has been taking the internet by storm, thanks to her fun-loving attitude and her seemingly endless amount of energy.

In the video above, you’ll see this charismatic youngster as she hops around with his friends. This little one doesn’t quite know how to keep her excitement in check. As she bounces across the grass, she actually bounces right off the back of another goat, knocking him to the ground. Thankfully, her friend doesn’t seem to mind too much.

Even after pushing her buddy over, the cute little goat just can’t manage to slow down. She runs in circles as fellow goat friends appear bewildered, and her friend even uses the other animals as hurdles, jumping all over them just for fun.

Buttermilk’s feisty personality has won over animal-video lovers, who have watched her antics over 14 million times. Since this first video was shared online, Buttermilk has had babies of her own who seem to have just as much energy as she does. Her owner has even started a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing more of Buttermilk’s hilarious adventures.

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