Texas Pokemon Go Players Rescue Group of Abandoned Animals

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About 9.5 million people are playing Pokemon Go, an augmented reality game that has players chasing endearing monsters all over their cities and catching them to earn points.

Since the game gets people outside and exploring, players are discovering locations in their town they didn’t know about. They’re also coming across things that need immediate attention like actual animals in need.

Recently, Pokemon Trainers Sara Perez and Matthew Teague were hunting for fictional creatures on their phones in South Houston when they came across a cage. Since the park was empty, they knew the object was abandoned. They checked inside it and found 20 hamsters and 7 mice. These poor little animals who were probably used to air conditioning were suffering in the hot sun and had no water available.

Perez and Teague knew they couldn’t let their torment continue. They took the animals home to freshen up their cage and give them much needed nourishment. Once they saw that all 27 creatures would survive, they handed them over to the SPCA for adoption.

Now, each hamster and mouse has a rare Pokemon name like Mew, Raichu and Zapdos. Hopefully that will help attract attentive owners who want to “catch um all.”