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From Pokémon Hunting to Clown Hunting?

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A ton of “creepy clown” sightings and threats have been springing up all over Texas, beginning in North Texas, moving down through the Austin area, and then to Houston. It hasn’t stopped with Texas. Now there are reports being made all over the United States of these sightings and threats and they are causing chaos throughout our nation. But at what point did we go from hunting Pokémon to hunting clowns?


Students from Penn State, Kent State, and James Madison University have taken part in these clown hunting debacles, and now individuals around the nation are taking part in their own ways. Unfortunately, this could potentially become deadly. FOX2NOW in St. Louis, Missouri reports people arming themselves and going on clown hunts. The police are getting worried for innocent bystanders among the midst of this clown hysteria.


These clown threats are being taken seriously and several teens have been arrested for participating in making the clown threats. According to NEWS4SA, Comal ISD sent an email to parents informing them that “they are aware of ‘scary clown’ threats in New Braunfels, San Antonio and across Central Texas” and that any threat will be taken seriously. Comal ISD made it clear to parents that any threats they receive will result in criminal or disciplinary action. The school district has not received any “creepy clown” threats as of yet.

Threats should be taken seriously, as should strange people hanging around kind of out of place in a costume. These are things that need to be reported to the police and documented. However, clown hunting parties? Not advised.