Annual Polar Bear Dip Planned For South Padre Island

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On January 1st, South Padre Island will host the 19th Annual Polar Bear Dip. This tradition is relatively simple but also requires some bravery and a love for the water. It started as a dare among friends nearly two decades ago, and now hundreds of people opt to run into the Gulf of Mexico for the first dip into the water in the new year. Participants can wear a costume – perhaps a superhero cape could help some complete their cold mission.

“Actually, a lot of us like to take our first bath in the Gulf of Mexico. We’re very much lucky to be around people who come out here and support us. We’re polar bears with a cause,” co-founder of the event Greg Morrison told the Valley Morning Star. This year they’re expecting around 1,000 people to join in, regardless of whatever the weather might bring.

According to their website, registration begins at 10 a.m. along with live music and a costume contest at Clayton’s Beach Bar and Grill. The “dip” takes place at 12 p.m. It’s free to attend. Check out the video below to see an aerial shot of last year’s Polar Bear Dip.