Polar Bear Mascot Does Funny Faceplant

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White Bear Mitsubishi in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota was filming a commercial on ice for which the polar bear mascot just couldn’t stay on his feet! After several takes (and some laughter by cast and crew) he eventually got the work done, but thank goodness for extra bear suit padding-hopefully. Each take gets funnier and funnier as you’re half expecting him/her to fall, regardless of the lines or steps they take.

When it looks like the character almost has a 100 percent chance of filming a take without slipping, that’s when the hilarious faceplant happens!

Currently trending online, the video adds a bit of humor to a cold and crisp winter’s day, where you can watch with a hot chocolate in hand and hope that the mascot got to have one afterward as well! Or at the very least, that they had a heating pad available for all the nasty bumps and bruises they experienced in filming. Nonetheless, the commercial was completed, and the mascot was a good sport (as they usually are!)