Incredible Bodycam Video Shows Cop Rescue Man From Burning Car

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The PoliceActivity YouTube channel compiles tense videos of police officers responding to emergencies with the intention of educating audiences on what happens while officers are on the clock.

In this incredible video, we follow Senior Police Officer Dan Whitney who was first to arrive at a crash site at 3 a.m. He sees an SUV consumed by flames with a man trying to escape through a small back window. The victim is trapped and desperate for help and relief from the flames.

Since the video was taken via a body camera worn by Officer Whitney, it really puts the viewer in Whitney’s shoes. It’s almost as if you can see his thought process unfold throughout the life-threatening event where every second counts for both the trapped man and the officer.

According to the PoliceActivity page, the driver of the SUV had already died in the raging flames. They say, “Without Whitney’s rescue, the passenger likely would have suffered the same tragic death as the driver, as the backseat was completely melted and gutted within minutes. Other officers on scene described the heat from the fire as unbearable from 50 feet away.”

As an onlooker, you can’t help but wonder if you would be able to respond in such a heroic way.