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Why is the Houston Police Chief Sporting a Spurs Jersey?

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It must have been painful, but Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo knew what he had to do. On Friday, he posted a video to the Houston Police Twitter account admitting defeat and paying up on a bet between himself and San Antonio Police Chief McManus.

In the minute-long clip, Acevedo starts to remove off his Houston Police shirt to reveal a Spurs jersey, but he couldn’t help himself, and he slipped in a UT jersey in between. Eventually, he briefly shows off his old school Gervin #44 jersey with a look of minor disgust. But that wasn’t all Acevedo had to say – he showed that his jersey still had the tags on it, so he intended on taking it back! (Though as KENS 5 pointed out, that might be illegal.) He also offered to take on any trainees of the San Antonio police force who were willing to relocate to what he sees as a superior city.

Even though Rockets fans aren’t exactly thrilled with the whole situation, Texans are overall pleased to see the competitiveness with a healthy dose of camaraderie play out between the two police forces. As Eva Adams Trevino commented on KENS 5’s article on Facebook, “What a good sport! Cheers to the HPD & SAPD for their service to all!